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As a young child my view of our home was that my mom did all the physical running of the home and my dad was the one that was visible in a silent way. As I got older I started noticing that though it looked on the physical that dad was not involved he actually was in his own way.

My quiet dad would always be around to set you straight and his comments were calculated and delivered strictly and calmly (most of it would happen during family prayer time).

I remember him giving us cooking instructions and was later shocked to realize he doesn’t even know how to cook 😂.

From pound it a bit more, add more water to soften it, to hold the chicken wings and legs down firmly with your feet so it doesn’t run away, the list is long.

I remember after I got married and he stopped by on an official trip to visit me and my husband, we did not have a car then so we got a taxi and saw him off to the bus station, my dad insisted on paying the taxi fare and when my husband refused he gave me the money (yes, I took it to my husband’s dismay 😂😂)

My dad was and still is a prayer warrior, till date he has a prayer list of his children and grandchildren; He prays for us individually.

My dad is a great dad and I thank God for this.

My loving and ever praying dad who constantly does both blanket and individual prayers for us, no phone conversation ends without a prayer. May your prayers over us be fulfilled in your lifetime 🙏🙏

I thought of what to do to celebrate him and choose to blog about him on his 87th birthday. Happy birthday my daddy.

God bless you with many more years in good health and sound mind.

I am sure God is proud of you, please continue to model Godly parenting to us all.

Here’s your flowers daddy, many more to come by the grace of God.

Love you lots Daddy.

(A birthday letter from a proud Daddy’s girl)

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