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“I have been graced by God to raise my child well “

Hello and welcome to my parenting journey.


Let me share how that journey came into being. I am a mum of three amazing young ladies, my youngest child is eight years younger that the middle child and ten years younger than the oldest child. A shocking moment happened to me when my youngest child was about two years old, I noticed certain traits and reactions from her older siblings which I was not pleased with. In my bid to correct those behaviours towards their baby sister, I realized what was happening; My older children were mirroring my parenting skills and I was not happy with what I saw. I was a yelling, sarcastic and short-tempered mum and was not creating a healthy communication line with my children. I was also a one size fits all parent.

My journey into intentional parenting started out of the desperate need to fix my errors. I am so glad I had that wake-up call during that period of my parenting journey. I look back often and can see the many good changes that have taken place in me as a parent and in our family.

What a joy to come into my definition of intentional parenting; be present, be involved, be consistent, be loving, and be respectful of each child’s differences.

That journey is ongoing, and my mantra is “I have been graced by God to raise my child well".

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