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You have been graced to raise that child well.

While feeding a baby at my daycare my mind went over all the “other things” I could be doing with that time and when I realized my line of thought I quickly recalibrated back to reality.

Right now, I must stay on that chair and finish feeding the baby, wiping her mouth, sips of water here and there, then clean up when done. The “other things” will have to wait.

The reality of our parenting season is that each stage is important. It does not matter if it feels mundane to us, it is all part of the growth process. Each stage also affords us the opportunity to bond with our child and this adds up to building a strong relationship that gets carried into the future.

Dear mama of young children, I see you. Please be encouraged and keep taking daily intentional steps towards your growth just as your child too is growing.

You’ve got this!

You have been graced to raise that child well.

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I am especially very passionate about raising children in diaspora based on my journey of a decade and plus of living in diaspora and seeing the struggle and pain of adjusting to a new system and culture of parenting.


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