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Reuben the first son of Jacob sinned against his dad and against God by sleeping with his father’s concubine (Genesis 35:22). Jacob knew about this sin but chose to be silent about it until he was about to die.

Jacob chose to finally talk about it at a very crucial time and instead of blessing his son he cursed him (Genesis 49:3)

I ask myself, why did this father not bring this up when it happened or later on in life and give his son the opportunity to repent and ask for his forgiveness.

This unexplained action led to years of bottling up the sin of his son and eventually led to a curse that followed Reuben’s generation.

In this day and age where some children believe they know more than their parents and sometimes parents get tired of correcting them and leave their child’s wrong doing unaddressed, are we doing them any good by not addressing their wrongdoings?

Praise God that we know better (I hope) than to place a curse on a child.

But wait, what about God that sees and knows all things?

What about the great judgement day that we and our children will individually stand before God and be judged based on both open and secret things we did on earth?

We cannot afford to wait till that day.

Please don’t be another Jacob, however angry or disappointed you are about that child’s misbehavior pray to God for grace, patience, and wisdom to address it.

Don’t sweep it under the rug and leave that child to suffer for it at a stage where there is no chance to repent and correct their ways.

You have been graced by God to raise that child. Keep at it, don’t give up.

Be an intentional parent and watch your efforts yield fruits in Jesus name.

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