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Do you make new year resolutions? Do you require same from your children?

In as much as it is a great way to plan for the new year, we cannot afford to miss these steps as we guide our children to make plans for 2023.

📍Is the goal realistic?

📍Is it age appropriate?

📍Does the child understand why this is important?

📍Is the child involved in the decision?

📍Will I be committed to walking with them to achieve it?

📍Will heaven fall if they don’t achieve it?

📍Do I have back up structure in place if the plan does not work?

📍What is my definition of success/failure?

📍Why is the goal important to me?, is it for my ego/status boost or for the child’s good?

Putting undue and unrealistic pressure on our children to achieve a goal or to be like others without considering their interests and strengths leads to frustrations and resentment.

Nobody needs that kind of feeling, not in a new year or any time of life.

As we start 2023 in a few days I pray renewed grace and strength unto you for your parenting journey.

You have been graced by God to raise your child well

See you in 2023 🎉

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