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To the parents of high school class of 2023 and subsequent years.


What a joy it is to watch your child walk the stage to receive their grade twelve diploma, the many days of reminders to study, hand in assignment in time, catch the bus and so on. Finally, it’s all done, and you feel you have crossed a hurdle (rightfully so).

But wait, this is just the beginning? Oh yikes.


To the parent with high expectations that just got dashed because your child wants to take a gap year, to the parent whose child just informed you that they do not want to go to college at all and do not also want to follow the path of the family business, or your child wants to study a course you’ve never heard before; Grace and peace unto you.


The first 18 years of a child is a crucial stage that prepares them for adulthood and these years can be quite challenging especially when the teenage year hormones start to manifest in unpleasant ways.


Take a deep breath mom and dad, your child stayed through high school and graduated, take a pause, and celebrate that achievement. 


This grade twelve graduation has just opened a new phase of your parenting journey. Now their teacher won’t email to inform you of an unsubmitted assignment, you will not be notified of the honor roll achievement or any other important stuff going on in the academic world (well, except when their tuition is due lol)


Take another deep breath and ask yourself: 

What kind of person has your child evolved into? 

What are their strengths and weakness? 

How can you guide them into using it to their benefit? 

How has your relationship with them grown or decreased?

How have you prepared for this season? 

I ask that knowing full well that there is no real way to prepare for that “fully” until you find yourself on that path.


I hope you can sincerely answer these questions and let that knowledge guide how you proceed from now on.

You just got launched into the season of listening a lot more and talking less; they still need you and lots of wise counsel, they just need it now in a different way. No more spoon feeding, this is the season of more constructive dialogue and guidance towards making informed decisions.


My prayer for you is that wherever the journey of post-secondary education takes your child may the guiding hand of the Lord Jehovah be with them, wisdom to make wise decisions be released unto their heart, and may they be empowered to fulfil their destiny in Jesus’ name.


Dearest parent, your child will be fine. The fresh grace needed for this season has been released already, step into it daily and be the voice of wisdom and care as they navigate this new life.



P.S. My middle child is part of the class of 2023.👩‍🎓

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