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Christ in my Thoughts

Supporting parents in raising godly and responsible children in the diaspora

Are you a parent?
Are you raising your children in diaspora?
Is your geographical location limiting your ability to parent? 
Are you looking to connect better with your children?
Do you feel there is more to parenting than yelling and correcting?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are in the right place.

My Parenting Journey

It is common knowledge that we are parenting our children in a fast-changing world. How we were raised has suddenly become out of fashion and we sometimes are at our wits' end trying to find a new way to parent. Living in the diaspora also adds another twist to that role.

On this lifetime journey of parenting, I look forward to walking alongside you as we raise well-balanced children equipped for life. 

About me


So good to have you here! 

I am a woman on a mission to empower parents and children to discover the right strategy and personalized plan for making the lifetime parenting journey a fulfilling one.

I am especially very passionate about raising children in diaspora based on my journey of a decade and plus of living in diaspora and seeing the struggle and pain of adjusting to a new system and culture of parenting.

Upcoming Events

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